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Our philosophy

‘A pure lifestyle is something we were raised with from home. We were a close-knit family that took their luck from the little things. Going to the beach, stroll along the promenade, eat together… Our mother would give us an apple to school, and read bedtime stories to us. We were encouraged to experience and learn as much as possible, and to follow our own path. Doing what we like, and to get the most out of yourself. Cricket is the ultimate example of this. We played whenever we could. *With the ultimate reward of being called to play for the Dutch youth cricket team* werd dit bedoeld? We learned that it was possible to achieve success with your passion.

Papa always had the dream to undertake something with us and thought us since childhood. We learned to think big. So no wonder that in 2009 we opened our own consultancy. With zero experience and no budget we were able to gradually make name with ‘meaningful marketing‘. And more importantly, we learned that you can make people happy with a perspective of a pure conviction. Three years later it was time to fulfill Papa’s dream of owning a restaurant. That summer we opened the doors of ‘pure food café’ Hills & Mills. The success exceeded all of our expectations and the media call the Hills a ‘crowded gem in Delft.’ Guests – almost literally – fall under the spell of Papa’s pure, contemporary Indian cuisine.

More and more people told us that we had to grow and expand. Although that initially was not the ambition, it was food for thought. What if we can reach even more people with our pure lifestyle? Not to become a massive factory like store chain, but by growing in our own way. With brands that each have a unique and special character, and at the same time maintain the same key values and philosophy. Like a real family. That spread a pure lifestyle together. And like that the The Pure Family was created. With our ultimate goal: 1 million fans in 2020. Will you connect with us?’

Sheraz & Nawaz Kazmi

the founders

10 x pure

This is what we mean by pure:

  1. Clear
  2. Real
  3. Sincere
  4. Healthy
  5. Craftmanship
  6. Balanced
  7. Focused
  8. Meaningful
  9. Positive
  10. Long term

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